This luxury line of premium soy scented candles has been created using House of Candles exclusive range of fragrances which are sourced from the finest perfumeries across the globe to create a wardrobe of modern scents to fill the home. Available in a range of sophisticated fragrances, this collection includes premium candles making them a perfect indulgence or gift solution.

Add a touch of scented luxury to every room with this collection of eco chic soy scented candles available exclusively at House of Candles. Soy wax scented candles are not only highly scented creations that are the epitome of home fragrances and scenting, they are the unparalleled asset for anyone seeking the perfect way to bring high quality fragrances into your world. The ease in which candles can be enjoyed is certainly effortless and the enjoyment is second to none.

Why are these scented candles such great value for money? Designed to give you many wonderful hours of pure fragrance bliss they are made with a natural base and chemical free waxes. Pure perfection for those who suffer allergies due to commercial chemically made production candles

Why Buy This Product?

  • Made with eco soy wax & pure cotton wicks
  • Will give you 35 hours plus of pure fragrance enjoyment
  • The jar has many uses long after you have enjoyed your candle
  • Made with high premium fragrance oils and/or essential oils
  • Height 11.5cm x Width 7cm
  • Jar is black gloss and comes gift boxed

All Day Scent - Love coming home to a fabulous inviting aroma? You don't have to burn these creations to enjoy them. Leave them in a decorative plate laying around enjoying the sun and come home to an amazing fragrance burst. Fabulous to put in towel cupboards, drawers, guest rooms etc.

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